Winter Fashion Must-Haves: 5 Key Pieces

Winter is coming! It’s time to slowly transition from light layers to full-on layers for the cold season. Let’s talk about the pieces that you need to prepare yourself for winter! Winter comes with so many fun holidays, such as Christmas and New year Eve, and I plan to create a holiday clothing guide for styling inspiration! This guide is meant to serve as an everyday clothing guide for this season. Each year, the Winter trends have changed. This winter, I have gathered the 5 top winter fashion bold staple pieces that are being talked about, and provided direct access to shop them! I find it helpful to have a consolidated list of items I can refer to when shopping for new clothes! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these types of lists! Some of my favorite stores are featured, including ASOSH&MNasty GalNordstromMissguided and more! Check out my Instagram to see how I style these + more! Happy winter and happy shopping!

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A true staple piece in any closet, coats and jackets are hot right now! They are an essential to keep you warm in the cold weather! I love that everyone is taking it up a notch and making their coats and jackets as stylish as can be! I am loving the faux fur long coats, the sherpa jackets, the puffer coats, long trench coats: all are fabulous! A classic black, and warm brown, or a bold red will be colors you will definitely see this season! Shop this winter trend staple now below!


The easiest way to be cute and cozy! I personally love wearing sweaters in the colder months. Once the weather starts getting a chilly, I love grabbing a sweater because I still want to look girly but at the same time be warm! I am a big long sleeves gal, so these are a definite staple for me! My favorite sweater styles i’ve seen have been oversized, cable knit, cowl neck, turtleneck, chunky, and body-con! Pair this is with tall boots and purse, and you’re set for winter style! Shop this look below!


Boots are a girl’s best friend! I have a bunch of pairs i’ve collected over the years, and i’m loving finding new ways to style them. My favorite pairs for winter would be combat boots, Chelsea boots, loafers, rain boots! Anything that is chunky in nature is perfect for winter because they are durable and thick to keep your feet warm and can withstand the elements (i.e snow)! I’m looking forward to wearing them in the classic black, but also brown and some lighter colors! Shop these styles below!


Accessories are crucial this season! These are the underdogs of the season simply because they are the pieces that bring the winter outfits together! Im talking hats, scarves, tights, gloves! These are the pieces that we don’t think about until we need them, so stock up on them so you are prepared for the winter season! Everyone could use a beanie or ear warmers for the cold weather. Scarves always come in handy! Tights are perfect for keeping your legs warm when you want to wear dresses and skirts. Gloves are essentials as well! Shop all of these items below!


Cozy season is meant for loungewear! I love the fuzzy sets, two piece sets, cozy knits, and all things warm and soft! These are perfect for lounging around the house, running errands, and having cozy nights in with family or friends! Shop these winter favorites below!

I hope you enjoyed the 5 must-have winter fashion staple pieces for your wardrobe this season, and found it helpful for yourself! I hope to see you on my other socials! Instagram is nk.medani! Which ones will you be wearing? Please comment thoughts and questions below, and share with your friends and family! Thank you for your continued support! 

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