The Beauty of Investing in Your Space

During the first two weeks of May, I embarked on a bedroom renovation journey. I had taken a personal inventory of my space and lamented on the fact that I was approaching two years of living in the space as of May month-end. For the first two years, I was complacent in many ways. I didn’t take ownership of my environment, and I was busier than I ever was, which gave me the sad excuse of not needing to invest time into building the room that serves me in all the ways I need it to in order to be successful. I wanted a space to relax, and unwind, but also a space that ignites passion and creativity. I wanted a safe haven; a place to retreat to from the 1 million stress points in my life on a daily basis. I wanted aesthetically pleasing furniture and accent pieces, keen organization, surround-sound entertainment, and a clear sectional divide of the various areas of the room in which different activities will take place. I wanted to better utilize my natural light, and I wanted a mini garden dispersed tastefully throughout the space. I had many requests, and I was determined to bring them all to fruition. If you know me, you know that when I put my mind to something, my heart immediately follows, and at that point, there is nothing standing in my way of accomplishing a project, no matter how big or how small. I recently watched a Skills Share class on ‘Everyday Minimalism: Find Calm & Creativity in Living Simply’. This class was not implying to throw away all of your possessions and start from scratch; it was targeted to think more thoughtfully about the pros and cons of what is currently in your space, and weed out the items that are no longer serving you. I had a lot of items that I had been hoarding, and items that did not belong in my room. I bought some new furniture, however, there were many items I already owned and only repurposed in order to compliment the space more effectively. My roommate shared her insights of the functionality of Facebook Marketplace and I was very interested in discovering what I could find.

The white ladder bookshelf was a perfect find and a great way for me to enhance visual organization in my space. It stands at above 6 feet, and the racks are spacious enough to fit multiple items on each. The gold and glass mounted frame was a simple and charming addition to that section of the room. The Monstera plant stands at 24 inches, and proved to be a great contrast to the white and soft colors next to it.

Bookshelf: Facebook Marketplace; Frame: Target; Plant: Terra Vista Nursery in the Mission District

The couch was the first item on my qwest to renovating my space. I saw it online, fell in love with it, and 30 minutes later I was picking it up and attempting to fit it in my car to drive it back to my apartment (and it **barely** fit)! It is a staple piece, and the shade perfectly matches the color palette of my room. This spot was formerly occupied by my desk, but now with the couch there, it seems as if a loveseat couch was destined to be there because it fits perfectly in the molding of the wall! I decided to hang an abstract painting above the couch to fill the white space. There was a small space between the couch and my vanity, so I decided to add my ficus plant there to balance out the plant on the other side.

Couch: Facebook Marketplace; Wall painting: Facebook Marketplace; Ficus: Trader Joe’s

I was on a hunt to figure out how to effectively utilize this corner space better! Previously, it was cluttered with cardboard boxes and a body length mirror I never used. I moved those out and found this beautiful corner vanity desk that I could perfectly envision here. It is very spacious, and even has an additional rack of storage beneath. The stool was repurposed from my old vanity table set. For my makeup, I had previously left it all in makeup bags that overall created mess as well as stains on my old vanity. I invested in makeup organizers and this was a life-changing move! I am very pleased that all my items fit comfortably. The circle mirror is a gem, and one of my favorite items in the room. It is a stunning piece that adds further dimension to the room. The hanging plant behind the TV is a 6 inch Variegated Hoya Carnosa.

Corner vanity desk: Facebook Marketplace; Stool: Amazon (part of a set); Makeup organizers: Amazon; Circle mirror: Target; Hanging plant: Terra Vista Nursery in the Mission District

The biggest reconstruction that took place was for this desk. It previously had a top part including a magnetic board, whiteboard, and a shelf on top. I very intentionally took that part off to open up space. I also wanted my desk to be in front of my window to take in more light, which I knew would, as a result, increase my productivity and overall mood. The Eames Style Eiffel chair was a thoughtful choice. It’s very comfortable and pairs well with the desk. My window originally sports installed blinds, and I never bothered with removing them before, but I would constantly contemplate improving them somehow because jagged pockets of light would shine through instead of an all-or-nothing state. I decided to install my own curtains to soften up the window and give it a whimsical touch. The plant is a 44-inch tall Alocasia Elephant Ear. It is gorgeous, and another accent piece of the room. I wanted it next to the window so it can get as much light as possible. The small coffee table was a great way to prop up the plant, and also has an additional level of space to store items underneath.

Standing Plant: Terra Vista Nursery in the Mission District; Desk: Amazon; Chair: Facebook Marketplace; Rose Gold Desk organizers: Amazon; Flowers: Trader Joe’s; Nightstand: Ross; Curtains: Target; coffee table: Amazon

I got myself a TV! This was definitely a momentous purchase for me because I have never owned my own TV. All throughout college, and every other apartment I’ve lived in, I never made the decision to buy one. I was completely content with using my computer for all my entertainment needs. The decision to obtain this TV spans farther than just for my own personal use. If you know me, you know I love bringing people together. It fills my heart to be able to host, and I decided that this is a perfect way to bring people together and utilize my space. I look forward to future kickbacks, wine nights, and bachelor viewing parties! My only caveat was that it had to be mounted (just because it looks better that way). The mounting process took about an hour, and it was up and running shortly after!

32-inch LED Smart TV: Amazon; Vesa Mounting kit: Amazon; 20ft white extension cord: Target

Everything on my bed I already owned, with the exception of the throw pillows and blanket. I definitely planned the color scheme of my room based on my bedding, and believe all my items compliment each other in the most seamless way. The accent piece above my bed was a last-minute find, and one of the last items I put in my room. I believe that what goes above the bed is the focal point of the room. I brainstormed ideas on what type of item I wanted there: a picture, artwork, etc. I saw it online late one night, and requested to pick it up early the very next morning. It brings an earthy, neutral essence to the room which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Bed frame: Amazon; Bedding (comforter, sheets, pillow cases): Amazon; Throw blanket and Throw pillows: Target; Accent piece above bed: Facebook Marketplace

This project was a labor of love, and my space now truly and authentically represents me in all the right ways. I took time to self-reflect on the project once I finished. I noticed I started it on May 6th and finished on May 12th, which is coincidentally the same date range as my proposed trip to London. As bummed out as I was that I was not going to get to go to London due to Covid, I was proud of immersing myself into a project that has been long overdue, and one that has enriched my life in more ways than one. Through this project, I fully believe in the importance of investing in your space. It is a beautiful journey of self-discovery, confidence, and self-worth. It taught me to take care of myself, and to maintain a level of respect for myself. By investing in my space, I am investing in myself. I am investing in my future goals and dreams. I am investing in what I bring to the table with my social interactions. I am investing in my mental health. I am investing in building my roots here, and to me, that is the most beautiful thing.

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