Spring Clothing Trends: 10 MUST-HAVE Items to Add to Your Wardrobe

Springtime is here! This means it is time to move out your winter pieces to make room for spring clothing items! In early March, I picked up a bunch of items from Nordstrom online and wanted to share my finds with you all! I decided to make a ‘Spring Clothing Trends’ list, as there are trends that we all have been seeing circulating on social media and what a better way to share my findings than to make a comprehensive list of what trends I’m trying out? Here are the 10 MUST-HAVE items to add to your wardrobe for this season! Below, I have linked all the outfits from the pictures for your browsing convenience! Happy Spring and happy shopping!


I believe high-waisted trousers are fashion-forward, polished, and comfortable! I picked up a few pairs in neutral colors (white, cream, camel, beige) and I’m excited to wear them all season long! Additionally, the high waisted style is the way I like to wear all pants, and the fact they are roomy is a plus! Here, I paired it with a simple scoop neckline tank top and open-toed heeled sandals. Link to shop these trousers!

high waisted trousers, styling tips, spring outfit ideas, spring clothing trends


You do not have to be in a professional setting to wear blazers! Blazers are an amazing fashion trend that have captivated the world, and you should get onboard. I love oversized blazers because they create a strong element of boldness to an outfit. I picked up a few light and bright ones (in cream and tan). It’s a great way to brighten up your wardrobe and they look great in photos! Link to shop this blazer!

oversized blazer, styling tips, spring outfit ideas, spring clothing trends


Sandals are an essential for spring. These are a popular style of an open-toed shoe with a nice wooden heel detail. I like to wear these for many occasions, from shopping, to lunch, to a park day! When I bought them, they were on sale for $35 which is such a steal! Link to shop these sandals!

spring clothing trends, strappy open-toed sandals, styling tips, spring outfit ideas


Blouses are typically the first item of clothing people see and/or comment on. Bright and bold colors and styles for blouses practically scream spring! I was drawn to this because of the big puffy sleeves, textured material, and ruching at the waistline. Pink is my favorite color so that really sealed the deal! Link to shop this blouse!

spring clothing trends, statement blouse, styling tips, spring outfit ideas


Knee high boots took the spring clothing trend world by storm! Such boots that are super roomy in the calf area (known as wide calf) are rare to find these days. When I wear these, they pair well with skinny jeans, skirts, and dresses. They are very durable, easy to walk in, and picking a nice neutral color is crucial to complimenting other pieces well. Link to shop these boots!

spring clothing trends, wide calf knee high boots, styling tips, spring outfit ideas


I believe a satin dress is a simple way to make an outfit look effortlessly sophisticated and polished! In fact, from an event, drinks, nights out, to a date night dinner, there are endless possibilities on how you can style this dress for your future outings! Link to shop this dress!

spring clothing trends, styling tips, spring outfit ideas


A floral print dress is a spring clothing trend that adds a fun pop of color. I found one with a nice, lightweight long-sleeves and small simple v-neck. It is elegant, flirty, and charming. It is a really versatile piece that is fitted in all the right places. Link to shop this dress!

 styling tips, spring outfit ideas


I found a small shoulder bag that fits the spring color palette. This bag color is a nice neutral that incorporates a mixture of texture with suede and leather. As a result, it is very multi-faceted, has nice detail, roomy, and can fit all that you need. A beige purse can compliment many colors: whites, browns, and creams. Link to shop this purse!

 suede shoulder bag, styling tips, spring outfit ideas


I’ve been wearing maxi skirts a lot lately and it’s been my go-to skirt so far this spring! This spring clothing trend adds dimension and flow to every outfit and is such a statement piece. I picked up one in light brown and one in rose pink, both are satin texture! They are fun to dress up and pair well with booties! Link to shop this skirt!

 maxi skirt, styling tips, spring outfit ideas


Sweater dresses do not have to only be worn in the winter! This one is warm and cozy, but at the same time it is lightweight and breathable. Spring is not always super sunny, especially in certain areas, so a dress like this can surely come in handy from time to time! The color is ideal for spring and can be paired well with light colored booties. Link to shop this dress!

 lightweight sweater dress, styling tips, spring outfit ideas

Overall, I am super happy with my clothing picks and I am already loving wearing them during this season! Other stores with great spring styles I recommend shopping from are:

Keep in mind, I picked out only a few items from my big haul for this post. With that said, if you want to see every item I picked up (over 20 items total!), check out my Youtube video below!

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