Skydiving: How to Prepare for your Next Trip!

Skydiving: what a trilling and adventurous activity! I am no stranger to the excursion: my first skydiving experience was in 2016, and it was such an incredible experience! I jumped at the height of 8,000 feet, and the full experience from plane to ground was about 90 seconds. This time around, I went with my best friend JJ and I took her to the same place I jumped back in 2016: Hollister Skydive. I chose them for a few reasons: great pricing, very skilled instructors, detailed safety procedures beforehand and during. I loved that I had familiarity with the site and was able to ease any worries JJ had during the experience. We decided on the 13,000 feet jump which was a lot more nerve-wracking than I expected! The additional 5,000 feet surprisingly adds a significant longer hang-time in the air, and anything above the 10,000 feet threshold creates amplified air pressure, and it becomes more difficult to breathe. We learned that from initial dive to parachute launch, we fell at 120mph!!! It was the biggest rush I have experienced in a while!

Tips on how to prepare for your future skydiving trip:

  • DON’T wait until last minute! Plan ahead and book your trip 2-3 months in advance! We booked in July for our October jump.
  • DO: use Groupon for your search and read through reviews before deciding on which site you will skydive at. Groupon offers significantly cheaper prices than the main sites.
  • DO: Carefully read instructions sent to you by the site of your choice. There may be restrictions and caveats you will want to know prior to arriving.
  • DO the day of: wear close-toed shoes, leggings or jeans. The wind at that elevation is pretty cold, so you’ll want your bare skin to feel protected! I wore a t-shirt, only because it was a very hot day. The first time I went, I wore a long-sleeve shirt.
  • DON’T get stuck in traffic: Leave on-time to drive over, and allot at least 2 hours for the whole experience once you arrive. We were told 3 hours, but realistically it took 2 hours for the whole experience. The drive from San Francisco to Hollister was 2 hours long, so I definitely suggest routing the length of your trip that morning so you won’t be late to your appointment.
  • DO: Go with a buddy! It is more fun to share the experience with someone in real-time.
  • DON’T panic! Stay calm! Skydiving in and of itself is only a concept until you are in the plane about to dive, and that is where you can get freaked out. Have faith in your instructors, they are professionally trained! Focus on having an amazing time!
  • DO: Buy the video and photo package! Trust me: this is SO worth it! You will look back on the media you have and be so proud of your jump and grateful it was captured on film that you can keep forever!

In conclusion, I hope this list provided helpful guidance on planning your next skydiving adventure! Want to see my skydiving experience come to life! Watch my latest Youtube video below!

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