Marina District, San Francisco Restaurants & Bars You Will Enjoy

The Marina District has many great restaurants and bars that I have come to love and continue to support! The creation of this list stemmed from thinking about where some of my best memories in the Marina were! In no particular order, here are some of the my favorite spots in the Marina! This will hopefully inspire you to venture to a new spot!

  • The Italian Homemade Company: This place emphasizes fresh, homemade ingredients and it boasts a home-y and inviting setting. They have three locations in San Francisco, and I have been to all fo them. I particularly love the one in the Marina District the most because the interior of the space is perfectly laid out for guests and patrons to be able to see the staff prepare the meals! I was in awe watching the chefs hand-roll the dough and create the pasta noodle shapes right in front of me! My favorite items on the menu are the spicy meatball appetizer and the pappardelle pasta with bolognese sauce!
  • Blackwood: This is probably my most visited brunch place in the Marina District and all of San Francisco! I can’t even count how many times I have taken guests here who were visiting from out of town! My best friend loves this place and always asks for us to come here when she visits! It is a beautiful interior design with sky-high ceilings, stunning artwork and decor. On any weekend, you can expect to wait at least 45 minutes to be seated as there is no reservations for weekend brunch. For brunch, I have always ordered the same thing because if I like something I am a repeat buyer! My go-to order is the BW Scramble and the portions sizes are HUGE, filling, aesthetically pleasing, and delicious! Their weekday dinner is really great as well! It is Thai fusion cuisine for dinner and I had an incredible Pad Thai there.
  • The Patio: This restaurant wins for a beautiful patio! Tucked away on Scott street in the Marina District, this charming restaurant is actually known for being a wine bar that happens to serve food! The ambiance features string lights, comfy padded chairs, wood finishing, and a plethora of plants! While here, guests can order wine flights to give the feel of being at a winery! They have a lengthy list of wines on the menu and they rotate their options regularly. My absolute favorite wine of the menu is a Spanish wine called “P”. Ask any server and they will be able to identify this one super easily. The truffle mac & cheese here is really good as well!
  • Tacko: I know everyone says that the Mission has the best burritos, and I would agree, however this place gives the Mission a run for its money! The first time I came here was in 2019 and it was a Marina District spot I heard highly of. I was mostly intrigued by the “bucket” drinks, which is essentially the restaurant serving their cocktails in kid-sized pails and a large straw! I came for the bucket drinks but stayed for the really good food! The chicken burrito is amazing and their guacamole is especially noteworthy! I came on Cinco de Mayo and they had a $4 margarita special! So yes, this place is a special place for me.
  • The Tipsy Pig: If you’re looking for good American food with a cozy ambiance and stunning outdoor space in the Marina District, go here! I have come here for weekend brunch, pre-dinner drinks, and many bar crawls! In the summer, it’s the most fun because they have unbelievable drink specials and the bartenders showcase new crafty cocktails! If you’ve heard anything about this place, it may be that it is known for their Strawberry Fields cocktail that you MUST order!
  • Del Mar: This is one of my favorite bars in San Francisco! They are one of the newer venues for drinks in the Marina District, and have been around since 2018. They were known for having a completely tropical aesthetic and boasted beach and relaxation vibes all throughout the space. From the flamingo and tiki cocktail cups, to the palm tree wall paper, and even the swing-sets installed inside, Del Mar has always been true to their mission of wanting their patrons to relax, enjoy, and have fun! Their cocktail list is one-of-a-kind and they also have punch bowls (meant for group enjoyment) on the menu!

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it helpful! Please comment any thoughts and questions below, and share with your friends and family! For more related content, check out my recent blog posts below: 

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