Levi’s Lot no. 1 Cost: Is it Worth it?

Do you believe the Levi’s Lot no. 1 cost is worth it? I have never owned a pair of Levi’s jeans. I always wondered whether the reason for me not getting a pair was because of the price of the in-store jeans, or the accessibility of finding jeans that fit my specific body type. I’m here today to talk through the exclusive custom jean experience that can only be done in two cities in the country! I live in San Francisco and I am fortunate enough to live in one of the two locations; New York is the other location. These specific locations are called Lot 1 stores, meaning they have the capability, craft, and resources to perform custom jean creation experiences for customers who are interested. I will walk you through the process of the Lot 1 San Francisco experience, timeframe, Levi’s quality and whether the price is justified.

Levi's Lot no. 1 Cost, jeans

Levi’s Lot no. 1 cost vs. The Timeframe

The price of the jeans are not cheap and definitely a huge investment! The price is $945 and can be paid in 2 separate payments. If you’re getting custom fit jeans for great quality, it definitely is good to get a pair that will last for several years to come! The timeframe from initial consultation to walking out with my jeans was 4 months. Yes, it takes a long time and mine took a little longer than a usual fitting experience due to the fact that my body type is more unique than most. From mid-December to mid-April, I came in for a total of 5 fittings including my final try-on when I left with the pair of jeans. During the first fitting, we discussed the the material, in-seam, buttons, frame, wash color, and so many critical details that make up a pair of jeans. It really made me appreciate the process a lot more knowing how many steps there are to make one single pair.

Levi’s Lot no. 1 cost vs. The Overall Experience

The experience overall was unlike anything i’ve ever gotten to do! Like I mentioned before, I have never owned a pair of Levi’s, and every time I had a fitting I was excited to go into the store once again to look at their new collections, ask for advice from the staff, and learn more about the jean making process. During each fitting, I was in full control. I was able to freely advocate for what I wanted during each step, and if something did not fit how I wanted even after an alteration, the tailor would start at square one to make it exactly how I envisioned. He listened to my requests and I showed him pictures of the type of final look I wanted to achieve. The customer service was great in person, via email, and over phone calls to truly understand my objectives and to make it the best experience possible for me! There were a few appointments that took more than 2 hours! The attentiveness to the customers is something I truly appreciated out of this experience!

The Final Verdict

I believe that with all things considered, and the fact that you can bring the jeans in later on to get them refitted, the Levi’s Lot no. 1 cost is justified. I also do believe that this experience is definitely a luxury and should be treated as such, and only if you have the money to spend and are willing to spend it, should you go for it! It was an experience I will never forget and I cannot wait to wear the jeans for years to come!

Levi’s Lot 1 store location: 815 Market Street; call to inquire about the Lot 1 experience: 415-501-0100

Interested in shopping this the Levi’s brand but not wanting to get a custom pair? Below are the most popular styles right now! Happy shopping!

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it helpful! Please comment any thoughts and questions below, and share with your friends and family!

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  1. Alaiza
    July 15, 2022 / 3:18 pm

    Thank you for this very helpful post! I am considering getting a pair of my own. One question – how did you book your appointment? I can’t find any info online for the San Francisco location, only London. Thanks xoxo

    • Alaiza
      July 15, 2022 / 3:19 pm

      Omg, I just read the post again, and there is the answer to my question right at the bottom. Sorry! Thanks again.

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