Let’s Talk about Hair: My Haircare Routine & Preferred Style

Have you ever seen my hair au naturel? The above picture is what my hair looks like outside of extensions or any other protective style. My hair journey has taken many routes over the years. As a middle schooler, my mom would put hair relaxer on my hair, which is made up of many chemicals and toxins that, over time, broke my hair down and made it very thin and caused my hair follicles to plateau in its growth pattern. I was discouraged all throughout middle school and high school, because I would look at other girls and see that they did not have the same issues with hair that I had. I was self-conscious, insecure, and didn’t believe I was beautiful because my hair was not up to par with my peers. I was not sure where to turn. I wore my hair in braids for most of high school, and senior year of high school was when I was introduced to extensions and decided to give them a try. I have been doing sew-in extensions ever since senior year of high school, and I would get my hair done every 2-3 months. Since I moved to a different state after high school, I needed to find a new hair stylist in my new home of San Francisco. I was very reluctant to try someone new so I would take every break during freshman and sophomore year to fly back home in order to get my hair done by someone who was a family friend and knew the long-standing history that was my hair.

In the start of junior year, August 2015, I decided to dive deep into researching for a hair stylist in San Francisco that I could learn to trust and who takes care of her clients. I was directed to StyleSeat by an Instagram ad. StyleSeat is an app that houses a whole listing of beauty services, from hair, nails, eyebrows, you name it. I read hundreds of reviews, looked up a selected few, and finally messaged one woman: Brittany Donaldson. We talked through the app at first, then 2 weeks later I had my first appointment at her then-salon (Glitz Salon) on Ocean Ave in San Francisco. I asked for a sew-in, and she not only delivered, she absolutely exceeded my expectations! I didn’t know my hair had the capability to look as good as she made it look, especially because I had so many insecurities about it. Not only was the final product amazing, what really sold me on her services was that she taught me the importance of hair care and how to take care of my natural hair. I went to her in August 2015 with breakage, relaxer-damaged hair that was not even past my ears in length, and couldn’t put my hair into a ponytail. Now, May 2020, almost 5 years with her, my natural hair is mid-back in length!!!

May 2020 length check

I have been going to her every 2.5 to 3 months, for 5 years now. Each appointment, she uninstalls my previous sew-in, washes, conditions, and moisturizes my hair with top-selling serums, braids down my natural hair, applies the sew-in onto the braids, then cuts and styles at the end.

Brittany also does coloring services! July 2018 I decided to deviate from my jet black hair and try something new! On Pinterest I had been researching baliage/highlights looks that suit my skin complexion. My biggest fear was that the hair color would look too harsh against my skin. I spoke to all my hesitations and fears with Brittany, and put my undeniable faith into her incredible work. The product was more amazing than I could have brought her on a Pinterest picture (see below)!

Paris, July 2018, with my new hair color debut!

Since July 2018, I have been getting my hair colored in the same way and never want to go back to black! She really elevated my look, and also I feel that my look has matured so much over time, mainly because of how she has cared for my hair through each appointment. She emphasized that a sew-in is a common protective style that protects my natural hair from too much sun exposure, excessive heat and styling products, and everyday wear and tear. After hearing that, I was most sold on the idea of maintaining sew-ins as my main hair style. Through this, my natural hair has had the time and space to grow uninterrupted!

I am forever grateful to have found Brittany, especially in a time that I did not know where to turn with my haircare maintenance. She takes her time, she is precise, she exceeds expectations, and she loves her clients! I have the utmost respect for her and I am not only her client; I consider her a friend! She invited me to her 30th birthday party last year, and I was so glad I was able to share in her celebrations. I tell this to everyone who asks; I will not let anyone else touch my hair other than Brittany. She has proven her talents throughout the years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her, and I am thankful to have her in my life! I have already referred a few of my friends to her which brings this experience full circle for me! I want people to share in the joy and liberation I have felt through working with Brittany for all these years. Thank you Brittany!!!

If you are looking for an amazing hair stylist, and interested in learning about all of Brittany’s services, check out this link!

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