I’m Just Getting Started: 3 Year Post-Grad Check-In

What a ride it’s been! Today marks exactly 3 years since I graduated from the University of San Francisco, with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Accounting, and a minor in Public Relations. As a wave of nostalgia comes over me, I reminisce on all the people who gave me unwavering guidance and support throughout my collegiate journey, and helped shape the woman I am today. USF was the best 4 years of my life, but it was only the beginning of a journey to further self-discover, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to find the right path for me to take. There are a few things I miss about the woman I was in college. That woman was a go-getter. She hustled. She exuded ambition. She was self-motivated beyond compare. I fought for what I wanted back then. All the dean’s lists honors, extensive course loads, leadership opportunities, on-campus jobs, scholarship awards, internships: everything I wanted, I never stood back and let it come to me.

My grad cap read, “She believed she could, so she did”. I worked hard and earned everything I have received, and I am proud of that. I am a woman with big dreams, NOW ready to take on the world. Why did I emphasize now? Because I felt that I lost my way after graduation. All the traits that strengthened me went dim over time. I became too relaxed and complacent. I put people’s opinions of what I should do over what I truly wanted for myself, what ultimately makes me happy, and what fuels my soul. I believe this 3 year period has been its own journey back to owning the traits I exhibited so innately in college. As I eluded to on my About page, I have passions and goals that I have not been able to start tapping into until now. This was due to a combination of self-reluctance, competing priorities, and an unclear picture of what I envisioned for myself. My dad officially retired from practicing medicine in early May. Becoming a doctor was his life’s work, and he further solidified himself in history by owning and managing his own practice in my hometown, for 27 years. His work ethic, determination, and resilience is what has always empowered me ever since I was a young girl. He would say, “make sure that you work hard to give yourself the life you want and deserve”, and “be financially stable, but more importantly, make a lasting positive impact- change the world”. His words are words I strive to live by.

Don’t get me wrong, aside from my career aspirations, the past 3 years have treated me well! I have traveled inter-country and internationally more during this period of time than I ever have in my life. I have built new long-lasting friendships and strengthened old ones. I am taking back control of my physical and mental health, in ways that I was not able to before. A recent post on the Bossbabe.inc Instagram page states, “I hope your life is full of “I can’t believe I did this” than “I should’ve done it”. Little by little, I see myself taking more risks and reaping the rewards. My mentality has always been to take a chance and see what happens. I am proud to say at 25 years old, I’ve impressed myself with how much I’ve accomplished and experienced. I have been radiating a light full of potential, that I feel I am just now tapping into. Stay tuned, because I’m just getting started.

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