Fall Fashion Staples: 5 Must-Haves!

Fall is here! It’s time to switch out summer clothes for fall ones, and revamp your wardrobe to match the season! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, as one who is a Libra, loves the holiday months, and loves layering my clothing! Each year, the fall trends have changed. This fall, I have gathered the 5 top fall fashion staples that are being talked about, and provided direct access to shop them! Some of my favorite stores are featured, including ASOS, LULUs, Meshki, Nordstrom, Missguided and more! Happy fall and happy shopping!

1. Faux Leather Blazer

A true staple piece in any closet, the faux leather blazer is hot right now! They are so versatile to style– dressing it down with a biker top and shorts set or dressing it up with a dress and boots, it will look fabulous regardless! A classic black, and warm brown, or a bold red will be colors you will definitely see this season! Shop this fall fashion staple now below!

2. Sweater Dress

The easiest way to add a feminine touch! I personally love wearing dresses all year round. Once the weather starts getting a chilly, I love grabbing a sweater dress because I still want to look girly but at the same time be warm! I am a big long sleeves gal, so these are a definite staple for me! My favorite sweater dress styles i’ve seen have been cowl neck, turtleneck, chunky, and body-con! Pair this is with tall boots and purse, and you’re set for fall fashion! Shop this look below!

3. Trench Coats

This trend has always been in style, and I finally hopped on this season for fall fashion! Trench coats are perfect for many different seasons, but in fall they are the most popular! They are the perfect layering piece for virtually any outfit! For fall you can expect to see them paired on top of basic tees and jeans, or body con dresses and chunky boots! My favorite colors i’ve seen are beige, black, tan and brown! Shop your trench coat below!

4. Leather Pants

Leather pants have taken the fashion world by storm, and are essentials in fall fashion! I’ve never owned a pair until this year, and I can confidently say i’m OBSESSED! I’ve been seeing leather pants in various bold and stunning colors, as well as the classic neutrals (black and brown)! Shop your perfect pair below!

5. Tall Boots

Boots make me the happiest gal! Boots are easily my favorite type of shoe, and can be worn in endless ways in fall fashion! Tall boots in specific gained wide popularity in the fashion realm, and I have recently picked up a few pairs in the classic neutral colors (brown, black, beige). I’ve also been loving seeing the various materials such as leather, croc, & suede! See below for some stylish pairs!

I hope you enjoyed the 5 must-have fall fashion staples, and found it helpful for yourself! Which ones will you be wearing? Please comment thoughts and questions below, and share with your friends and family! Thank you for your continued support! 

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