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The East Coast is truly another world altogether! I had an amazing time absorbing the sights, food, culture, attire, and more! PJ and I took the opportunity to travel to the East Coast states in January. We compiled a list of 8 states we wanted to stop in on our road-trip, and took a few weeks prior to the trip to plan and execute the logistical details. Our trip was two weeks long and we learned so much about each place and acclimated quite well to our surroundings! I put together this guide of tips and recommendations for your potential upcoming trip!

When to Travel to the East Coast

This all depends on what type of weather you want to be in. We went in January so it was the middle of winter and the temperatures around 30-40 degrees. I’ve been told that the warmest weather in the East Coast states is in June-August. I recommend researching the weather a week before your intended travel to check on the current weather conditions! I also recommend staying for at least one week to get a sense of the East Coast states if you have never been. If you are traveling to more than 5 states, I recommend a two week trip!

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What to Consider when Buying your East Coast Flight

If you live on the West Coast, you know that the flight will take about 6 hours. Cross-country flights are notably higher in price and therefore, you should plan to book your travel at least 2-3 months in advance. Booking too close to your intended departure date will most likely result in flight prices that are excessive. I paid $200 for a roundtrip flight from SFO which is a great deal in comparison to the normal average rates! Flights to Boston are typically around $450-500 so I was pleased with the discount. We purchased through JetBlue. I highly recommend utilizing Skyscanner and Google Flights to monitor flight price fluctuations! In terms of transportation, I recommend renting a car from the airport. We flew in and out of Boston and easily picked up our rental car, used it throughout the states, and dropped it back off an hour before our flight. For care rentals, I recommend the following vendors: Zipcar, Hertz, and Enterprise.

The Highlights of the East Coast


Our hotel was called Hotel Indigo: see link here

Boston was my favorite new place of the bunch, with so much beauty and history! I also learned that Acorn Street is a popular and prominent attraction, as it is deemed the the MOST photographed street in America! Acorn Street in Boston (see featured photo at the top) is the TRUE Boston aesthetic, paved with river stone, boasts historic architecture and a charming old-school New England feel. What I love about Boston:

1. The architecture—So many dreamy cobblestone streets and quaint brick buildings.

2. The history— from the Freedom Trail, to the USS sail ships, there was so much I learned as a teenager that came to life!

3. The New England style drinks—most specifically their beers! Night Shift Brewing Co was my favorite! They have an extensive list of unique curations and it was fun to try a bunch of new things!

Rhode Island

Hotel recommendation, Castle Hill Inn: see link here

I was so excited to explore this beautiful East Coast state! It is the SMALLEST state in the U.S, but has so much character! Can you believe you can travel top down through the entire state in less than an one hour?! We drove through the state and saw Providence and Newport! What I love about Rhode Island:

1. Downtown Providence & State House—decked out with vintage brick exteriors, very walkable and so many pretty photo spots!

2. Newport’s Thames Street and waterfront— the iconic street is home to lots of amazing shopping and restaurants! We also got to see Bellevue ave and Ocean ave which is home to the biggest, most expensive mansions in the state!

3. Brown University— one of the 8 ivy leagues! what a dreamy campus! Everything is aesthetically pleasing and full of rich history.


Airbnb: see link here

It was definitely a pleasure getting to explore this beautiful East Coast state. We drove through Hartford, Bloomfield, Winsdor, New Haven, & Bridgeport— there was a lot of ground covered! What I love about Connecticut:

1. All the lighthouses—Lighthouses are some of my favorite structures to see! This one is the Five Mile Point Lighthouse and it is absolutely stunning in person! A BONUS was seeing the water & city skyline right next to it!

2. Yale University— arguably the most beautiful school I’ve ever seen! From the cohesive color palette to the thoughtful architecture, I truly didn’t want to leave this place!

3. Brunch— The Pantry in New Haven was almost life-changing, as I’ve been eating Eggs Benedict and potatoes routinely and didn’t know the flavor profile had the capability to completely exceed all expectations!

New York

Our hotel was called Freehand New York: see link here

NYC makes me feel like all my wildest dreams can come true. I consider it the gem of the East Coast states! I’ve been to New York five times, and each time offers a new perspective! This time around, I spent more time in Brooklyn, as I’ve always been fascinated with this borrow and wanted to learn more about it. If you didn’t know, NYC is comprised of 5 burrows: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, & Staten Island. What I love about NYC:

1. The variety of neighborhoods— from Soho, West Village, Times Square, Harlem, Williamsburg and beyond, this city is fit for endless adventure!

2. The brunch & dinner deals— if you’ve been to this city you know that the cost of food more than anything is sky-high. Through local social media accounts, we were able to snag unbelievably cheap deals such as a $39 2 course meal and drinks for two people at Adoro Lei and Fusion HK Bar & Grill!

3. The art & architecture— every time I come here I am always amazed by how beautifully crafted the streets, buildings and parks are! The design is so thoughtful & allows me to appreciate what I’m seeing that much more! Some amazing sights we saw were: The Vessel, Empire State Building, Colombia University, King of NY Biggie Mural, Apollo Theatre, Brooklyn Bridge & Central Park!

New Jersey

Hotel recommendation, Asbury Ocean Club: see link here

New Jersey! This was my first time in the state & there was a lot to take in! We drove through Jersey City, Hoboken, Asbury Park, & Princeton. What I love about New Jersey:

O’Bagel in Hoboken— Tik Tok brought us here and we were not disappointed by this East Coast joint! Expect a 15-20 minute wait to order, but it’s all worth it! The Bee Sting is the infamous off-menu item you MUST try!

Asbury Park Beach Boardwalk— think Santa Cruz of the East Coast! We walked along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, hung out in the sand, and looked at all the shops, art, restaurants, and games along the way!

Princeton University— honestly the BEST surprise, as I’ve never seen pictures of the school. It is a real-life Hogwarts! The buildings are so meticulous in design, the campus extends for miles, and the craftsmanship is unlike any of school I’ve ever seen. Out of all the Ivy’s we saw, this is was my number 1 favorite!


Our Airbnb complex, Queen Sonder: see link here

Philadelphia! A city in the East Coast filled with rich history. We spent most of our time walking through Independence Hall and the surrounding area which is the heart of the city. This area is decked out with beautiful cobblestone, bold brick buildings, vintage columns and staircases, like this backdrop! I’ve been here before, but got to see more of Philly this time around. What I love about Philadelphia:

Reading Terminal Market— a vibrant collection of local vendors selling food, drinks, handmade crafts, and more! This is one of the oldest public markets in the country, and situated in a beautiful historic building!

Rocky Steps & Statue— these are located at the walkway to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The steps themself are so grand and it was breathtaking to take in the view! These steps are famous from the movie “Rocky”. The statue is to the right of the steps!

Geno’s Steaks— the first cheesesteak I ever tried was here in 2019! One of Philly’s most famous attributes is cheesesteaks, and I was told by many that Geno’s is the best! Always a long line, but its worth the wait!


Hotel recommendation, Du Pont Inn: see link here

We only drove through Wilmington on our way to Baltimore, but we decided to make a pit-stop for brunch and take a short drive around the city! Kozy Korner was the restaurant we stopped at, and we left content!


Airbnb: see link here

Baltimore! A city in the East Coast with ample culture. We only had one day here, but believe we maximized our time the best we could! Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland by population, and while we were there we found some hidden gems such as Next Phaze Cafe for dinner & an incredibly beautiful Airbnb for our stay! What I loved about Baltimore:

Inner Harbor— surrounded by the downtown skyscrapers holds this beautiful harbor! It houses a collection of restaurants and retail stores, and there’s plenty of outdoor seating to look out at the water and the historic boats!

Fell’s Point— it’s a picturesque neighborhood lined with cobblestone streets, preserved brick buildings, and vibrant storefronts, restaurants, and museums, such as the Fredrick Douglass Maritime Museum along the waterfront!

Lexington Market— a world famous market, and one of the oldest in the US! We were told the crab cakes at Faidley’s were an absolute MUST so we ordered some and were blown away!

Overall, I had an amazing time in the East Coast states, and will definitely be back for another visit! To see my East Coast experiences come to life, watch my latest YouTube video below!

I hope you enjoyed my post and found it helpful for your upcoming trip! Please comment any thoughts and questions below, and share with your friends and family! For more content related to travel, check out my recent blog posts below: 

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