Coachella 2021: What to Expect and Travel Tips for Success

Due to the Pandemic, Coachella 2021 has rescheduled multiple times. I went to Coachella for the second time, April 2019, Weekend 1! My Coachella experience the second time around was by far better than the first for many reasons. Here is my list of do’s and dont’s for Coachella 2021 (can also be applied to any other summer festival you go to)!

Do: go with a good group of friends! My first Coachella I went with my then-boyfriend, and no one else. We honestly got annoyed with each other (as most couples do) and we couldn’t escape. The second time around, I went with my close friend, and during that weekend I grew close to two other girls!

Don’t: wear open-toed shoes!! I made this mistake on Day 1 of my first Coachella and suffered blisters for a whole week after we left. Opt for a comfortable pair of combat boots! You will be walking for miles, dancing, and jumping around, so make sure you’re as comfortable as possible!

Do: plan out your outfits! Coachella 2021 will be epic in terms of the fashion! I had so much fun with this! I am a BIG Pinterest girl so I had a whole board dedicated to Festival outfits! Below are my April 2019 Coachella looks that I absolutely loved & happy i’m my vision for them came to life!

coachella 2021
Day 1
coachella 2021
Day 2
coachella 2021
Day 3

Don’t: spend an insane amount of money on hotel stay. The Coachella 2021 hotels and airbnbs in the area hike up the prices because they know everyone who is attending the festival needs a place to stay. In choosing between a hotel or airbnb, I believe it is more cost-effective to opt for an airbnb. You have the entire place to yourself and can regulate what you cook, how loud your music is, and you can comfortably fit a larger group of people in there, which will lower the cost per person!

Do: purchase food to eat in the festival grounds. With this one, you don’t really have a choice. Security at Coachella 2021 won’t allow any outside food or drink into the festival, so you are stuck with relying on what is for purchase inside. Yes, you should definitely eat a meal prior to entering the festival, but you will be in the festival for an average of 7-10 hours each day, and in the heat (upwards of 100 degrees), therefore you should plan to purchase food. The food, although overpriced, is very good and most of the food trucks are super unique and you can only find in SoCal, so its a treat if you’re traveling from outside of the area.

Don’t: drive more than 3 hours to Indio! Taking a flight saved me the second time around. A 30 minute flight to LA rather than a 7 hour drive sounds a lot more appealing! Driving is draining and stressful; opt for the more comfortable route!

Do: have the time of your life! Yes, Coachella 2021 will be referred to as over-hyped or not worth it, but that is all perspective! If you have the opportunity to attend the biggest, most well-known festival in the world, I say go for it! From the world-class performances, incredible art and activities, the food, and the good company, it was definitely worth it for me, and I have memories that will last a lifetime!

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