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“There is nothing more powerful than a woman who believes in herself”

Hello! My name is Nkeiruka Medani (NK for short). I am 26 years old and live in San Francisco, California. I came from a large family; 2nd oldest out of 5 siblings, all of whom live in my hometown of Federal Way, Washington or the Greater Seattle Area. I decided to move to San Francisco seven years ago, when I committed to attending the University of San Francisco. For me, leaving my home of 18 years and venturing out to a completely different state was terrifying. I grew up soft-spoken and timid. I was often overlooked throughout grade school and high school, and was teased and bullied for traits out of my control. As hesitant as I was to venture outside of my comfort zone for college, I knew it was the biggest opportunity in my life thus far to not only step out of my comfort zone, but to step into my full potential. Throughout my 4 college years, I slowly made friends and grew in confidence and self-assurance. I declared my major as accounting during the first 2 weeks of Freshman year, mainly to play it safe but also because I was naturally good with computation and excel. I was on the executive board of a few clubs, on the honor roll, and even joined a sorority. I got a full-time job offer after 3 consecutive summer internships at the public accounting firm, KPMG. I became super ambitious and self-motivated. I graduated with a major in Accounting and a minor in Public Relations. Once I started full-time at KPMG, I noticed that although I was learning a lot, building an extensive professional network, and making close friendships, I felt a void in my life. I noticed I had lost the spark that I ignited in college when I was so passionate and focused on getting to the next step of my life. I noticed I became complacent with where I was at and I wasn’t growing in the ways that I knew I needed to truly be satisfied.

Since starting my full time job September 2017, I had taken note of a few things:

  1. I am passionate about fashion, health, cosmetics, and how they influence society
  2. I crave adventure and spontaneity (especially in the form of travel)
  3. I want to make an impact that is larger than myself

In October 2019, I took a trip to Fiji for the first time. The trip, and my thoughts and feelings about where I am at in my life, made me realize that I truly want more for myself, despite my reservations and hesitations. I met some amazing people along the way who have helped re-spark my ambition and drive for getting to my next step, whatever it may be. Will it be difficult? Probably. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. I just know that I cannot let the fear of failing continue to stop me from pursuing my dreams. I cannot let other’s voices and opinions cloud my own. I want to be able to wake up every day, and genuinely love what I do. Life is too short to be anything other than happy. I am 26 years young, and I am ready to start the next chapter of my life.

After months of planning, researching, and hard work, I bring you this website! It is my labor of love, my creative outlet, and a project that I am so humbled by. My content consists of personal blog posts categorized by fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. I also created a Shop link that is a collection of my favorite pieces from my favorite brands. Additionally, I have a rotating Topics list to highlight pieces of my life that fuel my passions and well being. Thank you for tuning in and look forward to following along in my journey!



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