9 Key Selfcare steps to Improve your Life

How do you feel about your selfcare routine? This is a component of yourself that needs to be nurtured regularly and thoughtfully, to ultimately grow as an individual. I find that this process starts with being honest with one’s self. My days don’t always go well (that’s just the reality of life). In order for me to appreciate the good and the not-so-good, my routine really helps pull me out of a sunken place. I find lots of peace knowing that I am looking inward to healing the parts of me that are hurting.

Honestly, when you’re feeling down, it can be hard to be productive. I like to curate a comforting and clean space, which then kickstarts my motivation to get things done.

It’s not about being the most motivated; it is about picking yourself up when you feel down, investing in yourself and your goals, and creating little pockets of peace to look back on and smile about and feel accomplished in.

To me, selfcare is about taking care of yourself. Putting yourself first means caring about your mental, emotional, physical, and spacial health. 

I take one day a week (Sundays) to focus on myself and to create a warm and welcoming space for me to center myself and my intentions for the upcoming week.

Each of these steps are so pivotal for me, when I want to reset and restore, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Selfcare Steps

Writing in a journal: I love writing, and believe it is the perfect outlet for me to express my feelings. In the 5 Minute Journal, I love that there are prompts provided in this journal to guide your thinking! Interested? Here is a link to the journal!

Workout: I try to workout at least 3 times a week and have been incorporating workouts outside of the gym including pilates and boxing! Here are some products you can use for home workouts!

Grocery run: going grocery shopping is such a happy selfcare experience for me! I love walking through Trader Joes, grabbing fresh flowers, knowing exactly where everything is and also trying a few new things along the way!

Skincare routine: my multi-step routine (let me know if you’d like a video on it!) is the reason why my skin has made such a tremendous improvement in less than 6 months! Along with my holy grail products, I like to use a face mask twice a week! Read about my recent Drunk Elephant skincare products review here! Also here is a link to browse my current favorite products!

Take a bath: One of my favorite selfcare activities! I try to take a bath once a week. It helps me relax and heal my muscles from the workouts throughout the week. I use epsom salt, lavender bubble bath soap, and also set the mood with music and candles!

Healthy “whole” eating: My relationship with food has drastically changed overtime. I used to believe that certain foods were “off-limits” but really, I needed to learn about how my body receives certain foods. I’ve been able to reset my perspective on healthy recipes entirely and eat food I absolutely love that are “whole” (includes multiple essential food groups). This act of selfcare has improved my life tremendously!

Deep clean your space: I take great pride in my space and it showed by how much effort I put into keeping it clean. Along with dusting and disinfecting, doing laundry, and cleaning my makeup brushes, I like to light candles and spray room freshener. Here is a link to view my deep clean/ sunday reset vlog on Youtube!

Meal prep: I have been loving meal prep as a way to save money by not eating out, and to curate new, healthy meals. I spend an hour cooking dinners for the week and try to rotate recipes each week. I buy all my groceries from Trader Joes, check my post about my healthy grocery list here!

Buy flowers/plants: the best way to improve my mood is flowers and plants. I go to the farmer’s market each week to buy flowers for my room. I tend to buy my house plants and succulents at Trader Joes and Facebook Marketplace!

What do you do for selfcare? Let me know! Shop my favorite clothing looks on LTK, and follow me on Instagram to keep up with me! DMs welcome!

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