7 Items you Need on a Media Kit

A media kit is your visual resume for brand collaborations and partnerships, and it can be the determining factor to whether you get that dream collaboration or not! In order to put your best foot forward, you need to be thoughtful about your branding and create a piece to really make you stand out! There are many ways to go about creating one, but most of what you hear is confusing and not straightforward. I wanted to breakdown the 7 most vital components to set you up for success! I share more social media tips on my Instagram! Follow @nk.medani for more!

I recommend using Canva to create a media kit. It has thousands of unique templates, as well as a space to create something from scratch. Canva offers a free version which is completely all you need to create an amazing version to send off to brands! I used Adobe Express, which has a lot of innovative features, but also is on the pricer side! I recommend looking into both options and seeing which one works best for you!


media kit
This is an example found on Google, but I will go into a more detailed breakdown below!

NAME/NICHE/CONTACT INFO: Your name should be clearly shown at the top center of the document in bold. Write out both first and last name. Your niche should be written directly under your name. If you have multiple niches, list them out side by side. I recommend adding your contact information at the bottom corner of the document. Contact information includes: business contact email & phone number (only if you deem necessary).

SHORT DESCRIPTION OF YOURSELF: Think of a 2-3 sentence blurb that describes your background, your intent for working with brands, and what type of content you consistently create. Remember to also share where you are located! This is super helpful for brands to be able to do their own research on how their brand is growing in your city.

SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES & STATS: You will add your main socials such as Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Blog, and share your follower count, engagement rate, and monthly views per account. This will give the brand a good sense of what kind of audience traffic you bring in. You can check follower count and monthly views in the analytics section of the platforms. For engagement rate, check out this website for your percentage.

AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS: Here, you will detail your audience breakdown. This entails your women/men ratio, age breakdown, and location of audience. You can find these in the Insights/analytics sections of each respective platform. A helpful note: brands who are mostly female based want to bring someone on who also has a majority female audience. I’ve been told that brands look for the ratio to be at least 80/20 (for example, 80% female or higher). If the ratio is not where you’d like it to be, I suggest going through your following and removing accounts that are not part of your desired niche and audience. Over time, your ratio will reflect what you’re aiming for. Check your stats before reaching out to the brands you desire to work with!

RECENT BRAND COLLABS: If you have prior experience, show that off! Brands love to see that a potential partner has worked with other brands previously. I suggest adding your top 5 brands. If you have a long list of notable brands, you can add up to 10 (if space on the media kits permits). Make sure to tailor the brand list to fit the brand you are pitching. This all stems from your niche and who you choose to work with. For example, a fashion brand is not going to be super impressed with the 5 beauty brands you’ve listed. If you’ve only worked with a few fashion brands, that is ok! I still encourage you to list them. Quality over quantity, always! Don’t worry if you haven’t worked with brands, we all have to start somewhere! You can omit this section from the media kit until you get at least 3 brand collaborations to display.

SERVICES YOU OFFER: In this section, list out services you are capable and willing to provide as deliverables for the brand. Services can range from many things, but here are a few common ones: a blog post, an Instagram carousel post, a Tiktok video, an Instagram story shoutout. Make sure to only list services, NOT rates. Listing rates can potentially limit your chances of getting the maximum amount of money on the table from a brand. Instead, along with sending over the document, write in your email asking “what is your budget for this campaign?” That will open the discussion into a negotiation of the best price that suits both parties.

PICTURES THAT REPRESENT YOUR CONTENT: Brands like to see what you can actually produce, prior to signing you on to work for them. Give them your best photos: I suggest 2-3 high quality photos on the media kit that show you and also show what type of content you create. I also recommend updating the photos based on the brand you are pitching to. If you are in the fashion niche, photos should reflect fashion/styling. If you are in the beauty niche, photos should reflect skincare products, makeup, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, and found it helpful! Please comment with thoughts and questions, and share with someone who would benefit from this! Thank you for your continued support!

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