10 of the BEST Halloween Costume Ideas!

Spooky Season is officially upon us, and Halloween always creeps up before we know it! With only 2 weeks away, I wanted to share a curated list of Halloween costumes for couples and individuals! The beauty of these costumes is that they are all DIY-friendly! I strongly recommend saving this post as a guide and spending time on Amazon to order your supplies to craft your outfit! I’e made it easy for you! Click here to shop all the outfits + more ideas!

Halloween: DIY is KING!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, since childhood. I would beg my parents to get me the cutest costumes, whether it be a princess, or an M&M. Back then, I never thought of myself super artsy, so I would order a pre-fit costume on Spirit Halloween or Party City to save time and headache. Once I got to college, I found that DIY costumes were heavily favored, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and attempted to research what I wanted to be, then build the outfit from scratch. Over the years through the help of Pinterest, I have truly found my creative outlet and have outfit ideas I still look back on to this day as being affordable, uniquely crafted, and eye-catching!

This year, Halloween will not be entirely the same as years past. We have new rules and regulations in place due to the pandemic, and it may seem that the fun of the holiday has be deflated. However, even in the midst of the current climate, the joy and excitement of getting dressed up in your Halloween costume should always shine through! I hope post lifts your spirits, ignites your brainstorming, and facilitates your fun and safe, Halloweekend!

6 of my Favorite Couple Costumes

Idea #1: IT

A creative spin on a popular movie! The outfits are very simple, but memorable, so everyone will know what you are dressed up as! What you will need:

  • White shirt
  • Red tutu
  • Face makeup
  • Red balloon
  • Yellow raincoat
  • Paper sailboat
 IT costume, found on Pinterest

Idea #2: Mermaid and Sailor

Nautical and festive! I love this one because it is not your typical pick for a Halloween costume, and it looks very put together, even though most of the items are ordinary! What you will need:

  • Captain’s hat
  • Pipe
  • Anchor removable tattoos
  • Black and white stripped t-shirt
  • Cuffed tan chino pants
  • Sperrys boat shoes
  • Seashell bra
  • Green sequin skirt
  • Starfish hair clip
  • Sandals
Mermaid and sailor, found on Pinterest

Idea #3: Harley Quinn and Joker

This funky couple costume is iconic! Definitely will be a conversation starter at any gathering you attend. This costume looks complex, but very easy to find the pieces to put it together! What you will need:

  • Wig of non-permanent hair-dye; colors pink and blue
  • Small removable face tattoos
  • “Daddy’s Lil Monster” t-shirt
  • Multi-colored bomber jacket
  • Red sheen colored spandex shorts
  • Chunky belt
  • Black converse
  • Non-permanent hair dye; color green
  • Face makeup
  • Fake gold chains
  • Removable face and body tattoos
  • Royal purple button down shirt or tuxedo jacket
  • Black jeans
Harley Quinn and Joker, found on Pinterest
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Idea #4: Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

Cute storybook costume idea that is a classic! This one emphasizes creative makeup to pull the look together. If you’re up for an artistic challenge, try this costume! What you will need:

  • White short dress
  • Red hooded cape
  • Red lipstick
  • Red face paint
  • Plaid shirt
  • Black jeans
  • Black face makeup
little red riding hood and wolf, found on Pinterest

Idea #5: Aladdin and Jasmine

Whimsical and stunning Disney masterpiece! This is one of my favorite Disney movies, and i’ve always been drawn to the glitzy outfits! This intricate costume will take a bit more time to put together, so if you are intrigued by this outfit, start planning your outfit now! What you will need:

  • Purple velvet vest
  • White harem pants
  • Gold satin belt wrap
  • Plastic genie bottle
  • Stuffed toy monkey
  • Fez hat
  • Outdoor slippers
  • Turquoise bralette
  • Turquoise sheer fabric to wrap around shoulder
  • Turquoise harem pants or slit skirt
  • Body/belly jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Headband
  • Sandals
Jasmine and Aladdin, found on Pinterest

Idea #6: Tinker Bell and Peter Pan

Another Disney classic that is a charming pick is this fairytale costume! This duo is always a crowd favorite, and easy to assemble! What you will need:

  • Green felt robin hood hat
  • Red feather
  • Green tunic
  • Green tights or pants
  • Brown or black shoes
  • Green dress
  • Green removable wings
  • Ballet flats
 tinker bell and peter pan, found on Pinterest

4 of my Favorite Individual Costumes (can also be Couples)

Idea #1: Wonder Woman (and Superman)

My costume idea in 2016! I loved putting this together, and was so proud of myself for making all myself with items I already owned! What you will need:

  • Red tube top
  • blue spandex shorts
  • Star stamp
  • Silver clothes paint
  • Print-out of “W”
  • Print-out of headband
  • White converse
Wonder Woman costume

Idea #2: Alien (and Astronaut)

My costume idea in 2019! My favorite costume I have done to date because of the makeup! I had such a great time finding all the glitter and silver makeup to put this together. Ulta.com is where I got all my makeup! What you will need:

  • Antenna headband
  • Holographic circle face stickers
  • Silver face and body glitter
  • Silver eyeshadow and eyeliner
  • Silver lipstick and lip pencil
  • Shiny metallic tube top and skirt
alien costume

Idea #3: Jigsaw

My costume idea for 2018! I wanted to switch it up and pick a scary character to portray. I love that I added feminine accents to it! What you will need:

  • Red and white face paint
  • Small thin-tipped paintbrush
  • Dark red lipstick
  • Red bow-tie
  • Red bra
  • White long-sleeve tie-front shirt
  • Black biker shorts
  • Fishnet tights
Jigsaw costume

Idea #4: Elastigirl (and Mr. Incredible)

My additional costume for 2019! I wore this to a Halloween concert (when concerts were a thing 😔). The exciting part about this outfit is that I owed every item and did not have to purchase anything additional! The outfit itself is very insulated, so you will not be cold at all! What you will need:

  • Black masquerade mask
  • Red long sleeve crop top
  • Black high waisted swimsuit bottoms
  • Red opaque tights
  • Black high knee boots
  • Print-out ‘Incredibles’ logo
Incredibles costume, Elastigirl

If you try any of these costumes, let me know via Instagram @nkbaybayy! Happy Halloween! While you’re here, check out my recent blog posts below!

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